Conference - Day 4

Wednesday is always the last day of Conference, where all eyes turn to the Main Hall for the speech by the Prime Minister. Due to record attendance at this years conference Andrea and Alison joined the room with thousands of other members, having to stand to watch the speech. Andrea and Alison reported back that the atmosphere within the Hall was electric, hearing the speech delivered with such clarity and passion. Everyone leaving after the speech felt energised and wanting to help deliver the important message of delivering Brexit and moving onto other important priorities, such as our investing in our NHS, schools, and the police service. 

For Andrea and Alison although the last day was all about the set piece speech by Boris the whole conference was about so much more. They really valued attending the smaller fringe events, meeting up with so many other people passionate to improve our communities, the training courses put on by CCHQ as well as much more. 

More members of the Bedford & Kempston Conservative Association attended Conference this year, as opposed to last year, and the Association would love to have even more attending next year. If anyone is interested the dates have already been announced as the 4th-7th of October. Tickets are always less the earlier you book, so the Association will be sure to communicate to all members as soon as tickets go on sale. 

So, with Conference over, Andrea and Alison have returned to Bedford and Kempston ready to keep busy and do all they can to get Ryan elected in the next General Election. If you would like to join them in campaigning please do get in touch, they would love to have your help, no matter how much time you can offer.